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Some of my Chinese>Italian projects: 
Chinese emission standards for motorcycles
(Legal/Engineering) +100K
Textile market research
(Marketing) 60K
Labour contract, Employee manual
(Legal) 10K
Commercial and fiscal document
(fiscal receipt, customs receipt,
exportation agreement, purchase agreement,
business license, import license, cour documents)
(Commercial/Legal) +20K
Economy newspaper articles
(Economy) +10K
Game App
(Games) +30K
Some of my English>Italian projects: 
Plasma cutting systems
(User's guide, Web content, CNC software, etc.)
(Technical-Engineering) +500K
(Birth, Marriage, Divorce, etc.)
(Legal) +10K
PPC ads
(Marketing) +10K
Study abroad Website content and brochure
(Education) +10K
Various medical, chemical, dental
and pharmaceutical content
(Medical-Pharmaceutical) +25K
Antivirus software customer service
e-mail&chat (TEP)
(IT) +40K
Fluid handling system
(Industrial) 10K
Game magazine articles
(Game-Editorial) +40K
Financial documents (QC)
(Financial) +100K
Floatation tank website 
Some of the main companies 
I have translated for (via agencies):
Arecont Vision, AVG Antivirus, Boston Scientific, 
Carnival Cruises, Cisco, Delta Airlines, Ducati, 
GE Instruments, Geox, Graco, Gucci, Hypertherm, 
Johnson&Johnson, Panasonic, Royal Carribean, 
Shiseido, TDK, Waterous


My name is Ada Gianfreda. I am a freelance translator working with the following language pairs: Chinese to Italian and English to Italian.

How I got here:

I completed my middle school studies in business administration then went straight to work in my field of studies.

My passion was always languages, so after a few years, I dropped everything I was doing and moved to Naples, where I attended and completed my bachelor (with thesis) ad "L'Orientale" University.

I studied Japanese, Chinese as well as English.

Wanting to perfect my Chinese, I moved to China where I lived for 2 years; one year in Beijing, and another in Shenzhen. There I continued studying Chinese while working.

I decided to move back to Italy and start focusing on what I had discovered to be my passion; translating.


Want to learn more on my background, read the below information, or feel free to contact me with any questions.







Mandarin Chinese to Italian

English to Italian


- Italian: Mother tongue
- English: University courses; daily use

- Chinese:

University studies in Italy and China; worked and studied in China for 2 years; daily use
Information Technology, Marketing, Legal, Subtitling,
Websites Translation, Products description, Business, etc.


OS Windows XP, MS Office, MS FrontPage, Acrobat Professional,

Trados, Subtitling Workshop and others.

Paper and on-line dictionaries.




Three months Chinese language course at Beijing Language 
and Culture University (北京语言文化大学), Beijing, China.

2007 – 2008           

Chinese language courses at DiQiuCun Private Language 
school, Beijing, China.

2002 – 2006               

Degree; “Asian and African Languages and Cultures”.

Principal subjects: Chinese and Japanese languages and culture as well as English language.

University: Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”, Naples, Italy.

Final mark earned: 110/110

1992 – 1997

Diploma; Perito Commerciale

School: Istituto Tecnico Commerciale “Jean Monnet.”

Ceglie Messapica (BR) – Italy

Final mark earned: 54/60




"Il Traduttore editoriale" (The Editorial Translator) held by

Langue&Parole, Italy


"Traduzione e Scrittura Enogastronomica” (Food&Wine

Translation) held by Langue&Parole, Italy.



Research publication entitled «Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra: tra Jazz e Butō», Orientalia Parthenopea IV, Casa Editrice CUEN, Napoli 2006, pp. 131-145




Full time ZH>IT and EN>IT Freelance Translator and


Translation, editing, proofreading and interpreting jobs

Major fields I have worked on: IT, Engineering/Industrial, Marketing, Legal, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Games.


Interpreter (Chinese>Italian, English>Italian)
at Canton fair, Canton, China.


Part-time translator for various Chinese translation agencies. Law and Business documents and letters, Diplomas, University courses terminology, etc.


Part-time proofreader at Chinasoft International Ltd, Beijing, China.


Italian language teacher at Beijing public middle school

(北京市第三学), Beijing, China.


Voluntary work as italian language teacher for immigrants

at the “Associazione Culturale Universitaria Pangea”, Naples,



Voluntary environmental WorkCamp with NICE ong, Kikuchi,




During my spare time I enjoy; watching movies; taking

photographs, travelling abroad, reading novels, creating

origamis, swimming, and weather and pavement conditions

permitted, roller-blanding.



Note: The above information only includes the language related experience. A full résumé is available upon request.



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