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Translation service from either Chinese or English to Italian
My strength is to interpret documents while ensuring that the meaning, during the labourious translation work, is not lost.
In fact, translating is not as simple as taking words from a text then translating them, word-by-word, from one language to another. To translate is to interpret a text, and to accomplish this one must have strong knowledge of the languages, strong grammar skills and most importantly, one must understand the cultural context.

Interpreting service from either Chinese or English to Italian
Commercial negotiations, business trips abroad, etc.

Subtitling service
Movies, TV serials, documentaries subtitling.

Proofreading service
I perform copy editing and error correction of any document in Italian.

Language Consulting
Evaluation of non-native's Italian language level, editing of Italian language test, etc.


The cost of translation and/or proofreading may differ depending on the needs. The most common factors are the target language, the length, the content, and how time sensitivity the mandate may be.

Before starting any mandate, I will review your request and take all of your needs into consideration to cost your document accordingly.

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