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2011   N. 1     Mar 1st



Welcome to the first edition of Ada Gianfreda's Newsletter!


In the world of working remotely, personalization is being lost. We find ourselves digging through information to learn more about the people who we are dealing with.


My goal is for you to know who you are dealing with!


In every edition, I will be focusing on bringing, into one place, interesting articles, translated comics, dubbing, etc...

I will be sharing the type of work I have been working on. No worries, I will only share type of project, no contents or any other information, as I cherish confidentiality.


Keep in touch!




Ada :)


Last month I worked on

IT   Ppt presentation of IT storage product
Legal  Certificates of birth, marriage, Apostille


Customer service communication, vehicle specifications
Engineering/Industrial Customer questionnaire, Video dialogue, PPT presentation, customer mailing

Travel agency customer service communications



















 Chinese > Italian

 English > Italian


 Freelance translator


Feel free to contact me for any additional information on how I could facilitate your ZH>IT and EN>IT translations.

Interesting articles


Let's all be translators
Four things to avoid before translating
  word documents  
L'italiano: dopo i gallicismi, i gallinismi
Un video fa tremare il governo cinese
Autore addolcito, lettore contento



Comics dalla China


Follow "Comics dalla Cina" on Facebook and discover the 9th Art in China. Strips, Comics, Shortmovies translated into Italian and English (revised by a native, of course!).

Lost in Translation


Examples of what could happen to your translations if you left them with anyone to tranlate!  Hence the known saying of "Lost in Translation" through pictures I took during my travels.

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Ada Gianfreda, Chinese and English to Italian Freelance Translator