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2011   N. 3     May 2nd




Welcome to the third edition of Ada Gianfreda's Newsletter!

My personal way to keep in touch and let you know who you are dealing with!


Ada :)



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Last April I attended an appetizing and 

interesting training on Wine&Food translation

held by Langue&Parole.
So now I'm not only a voracious eater and
an aspirant expert cook, but I have also made
my first step to becoming a skilled
Wine&Food Translator!


Last month I worked on:

(Translation, Editing, Proofreading)


IT/Marketing Keywords list (EN), Software strings (EN), Storage product (IT), Router Q&A (EN), Wireless networking solution (EN)
Legal/Certificate Medical certificate (EN), Police records check (EN), Fingerprint certificate (EN), Birth certificate (EN), 
Engineering/Industrial Cardiovascular exercise equipment assembly guide and manual (EN), Fluid handling  manual (EN), Industrial tool service data sheet (EN),
Commercial/Letters Commercial letters and companies list (ZH), Invoice (EN)
Financial/Legal Investment funds and Company statute (EN)
Electronics Electronic products description (EN)



Surgical Instrument (EN), Doctor-patient dialogue (EN), Tissue oxymeter brochure (EN),




















 Chinese > Italian

 English > Italian


 Freelance translator


Feel free to contact me for any additional information on how I could facilitate your ZH>IT and EN>IT translations.

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Lost in Translation


Examples of what could happen to your translations if you left them with anyone to tranlate!  Hence the known saying of "Lost in Translation" through pictures I took during my travels.

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Ada Gianfreda, Chinese and English to Italian Freelance Translator